O as Schlemmer (reloaded)

The performance is loosely inspired by the Bauhaus movement and one of its representative Oskar Schlemmer, the second time in the Large venue of Gallery UMELKA, a functionalist building constructed in years 1925 - 26.


The thoughts on close connection with space and its basic structures as well as on game and rules from the book by O. Schlemmer: "Idealist der Form" set the basis of the performance. Functionality expressed by the autonomy of motion images sharing the same space and time. A trigger and significance is a game with its rules and possibilites which are not limited by these rules.


Concept, direction: Monika Čertezni
Dance: Monika Čertezni, Daniel Raček, Anna Sedlačková
Video, camera, editing: Martin Piterka
Music: Martin Burlas
Photo: Miloš Lacika


Date & time: 15 December 2017 at 18:00
Place: Slovak Union of Visual Arts - Gallery UMELKA

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Supported by public funding by Slovak Arts Council.
The performance was also supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, Asociácia súčasného tanca, ANASOFT APR s.r.o., Babyfit, Slovak Union of Visual Arts - Gallery UMELKA.