There will be more dancing in Trnava

The Ján Palárik Theater, Malý Berlín Cultural Center, Dušan Nebyla Dance Conservatory and the Alegria Dance and Movement Studio have decided to jointly create a long-term program and educational initiative called the Dance Plan for Trnava. Its aim is to acquaint the audience of Trnava with contemporary dance and performative art.

Originally, the activities of this initiative were to start in early March. However, the onset of the epidemic and the measures associated with it quickly required the cancellation of all planned performances and educational workshops. More contemporary dance will be in Trnava from September.

Trnava, as a city with a dynamically developing cultural scene, does not want to lag behind current trends, but on the contrary, its institutions have the ambition to work strategically and for a long time to develop audience interest in the most current forms of contemporary art.


The dance plan for Trnava has two program lines - presentation and education.

Leading ensembles of contemporary dance and performative art from the domestic and foreign backgrounds will be regularly invited to the The Ján Palárik Theater and Malý Berlín Cultural Center. The performances will be connected with discussions and other accompanying activities.

As part of the education, there will be a series of workshops of contemporary performative art intended for professionals, but also for students and teachers. Similar activities will be created directly for the spectators, who will be able to get acquainted with contemporary dance.