Debris Company

Debris Theatrical Company (formerly Hubris Company) already marks fifteen years of its existence, with an interruption between 1999 and 2004. Originally, the company’s main means of expression focused mostly on classical themes, using a predominantly non-verbal approach to tackle them (Process / Kafka, The Gospel According to Mark / J. L. Borges, Ulysses / Joyce, King Ubu / Jarry, Murphy / Breath / S. Beckett, etc.). Later on, the company shifted its focus towards authorial testimonies. During the time of its existence, the theatre has produced more than sixteen performances.

The projects spring from a knowledge of contemporary dance, performance, installation and site-specific works. All the inputs - visual, musical, sonic and kinetic - are vibrating in place and time, layered in the theatre hall or another space, existing parallel to each other and playing against the illusionism of real time.