Lukáš Homola at al.: ERÓZIA [premiere]

"Microparticles have danced themselves out of a chaotic noise to perfect structures in a wild vortex. Everything was perfect, everything in absolute harmony. But it did not last long until at one moment, this perfection and absolute harmony slowly began to... "


Dance performance Erózia is inspired by a book of a Cambridge professor Simon Barona-Cohen called The Science of Evil, which deals with an erosion of empathy in contemporary society and revaluates its importance. The creators of the dance production are interested in erosion as in a group of processes that cause deformation of the Earth's crust. However, in this definition, the Earth's cortex is replaced by empathy and by common artistic language they seek the processes and causes that deform it.



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Choreography & motion material: Lukáš Homola
Dramaturgy, idea: Jakub Mudrák
Performance & motion material: Veronika Čimborová, Markéta Jandová a Lukáš Bobalik
Music: Adam Dekan
Scenography: David Javorský 
Costumes: Veronika Ďurišová
Light design: Ján Čief
Supervision: Csongor Kassai, Lucia Kašiarová
Production: Alexandra Mireková

Photo - poster, bulletin: Filip Jandourek
Visual concept: Veronika Ďurišová
Graphic design: Jiří Šimek


Erózia was created in co-operation with a civic association Tri4, whose members work on creation of their own physical theatre performances.


Entry: €5.- / €3.-


Erózia project was supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

Other supporters - residencies providers: Záhrada - Centrum nezávislej kultúry, Studio ALTA, Divadlo na cucky, DW7, Cooltour Ostrava, v lese, J.L.Bella Conservatory in Banská Bystrica. 
Special thanks: Sára Arnstein, Martina Homolová, Markéta Malkova, Peter Feky Fekiač, Michal Hančovský, Peter Homola, Maroš Hrušovský, Róbert Karvay, Ondrej Mrva, Daniel Mudrák, Jaro Viňarský