Project Batyskaf: Earthworms are crossing the road

- I don't think this is happening here and now.
- Maybe it is happening. Just imagine...


Saghar Hosseinpour an iranian experimental freelance artist mainly based in Tehran. She has also worked in Berlin and Vienna. Currently she is working on long term project which is mostly inspired by mass of bodies relating to physicality during everyday life in public spaces. 
Eva Priečková is currently freelance artist mostly based in Slovakia. Her current research is focused on concept of flowing energy- beeing flow mainly in pedagogical practice. As creator she is inspired by everyday life - its simplicity and complexity at the same time, experimental music, voice and spirit. 

concept/performance: Saghar Hosseinpour, Eva Priečková


Place/date/time: BlackBox (Palackého 22, Bratislava), 10 November 2017 at 20:00

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Performance is part of the project Berghain duets. (Berghain as a metaphore of shelter, paradise garden or a mythical place that creates support for everybody without distinction of gender, religion, social status, ...)

Supported using public fundings by Slovak Arts Council.