Dance Performance unLEAN [pODPORa]

The performance unLEAN is an open narration of five young people representing the youngest generation of dancers and a repeated collaboration of a renown choreographer Marta Poláková and a director Tomáš Procházka.




We live the times when our perception and thinking are changing because they simply have to. The world is changing in front of our eyes minute after minute. The old patterns are not enough to understand and we are forced to see more, think and feel more. What is SUPPORT and what is REPULSION to us? When do these two touch each other closely? How close are individuality and society to each other? We cry and fear a lot that we might miss something. Will we suffocate the wave of the youngest generation revolt with indifference as well? Will the bodily verve freeze in the digital ocean of (im)personal data?


Choreography: Marta Poláková
Direction: Tomáš Procházka
Dramaturgy: Marta Poláková, Tomáš Procházka
Music concept & supervision: Daniel Matej
Music: Martin Polák & Tibor Feledi
Costumes: Simona Vachálková
Scenography: Zuzana Hudeková
Light design & objects: Robert Polák
Partnering assistance: Daniel Raček
Dance, motion material & texts: Barbora Janáková, Eva Priečková, Silvia Sviteková, Matúš Szeghő, Andrej Štepita

Place: Dance Theatre Ifjú Szivek, Mostová 8, Bratislava
Cena vstupeniek: €12.- / €8.- (student)
Ticktes reservations: ticket@ifjú / +421 903 265 353. 

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The Performance was created with the financial support of Slovak Arts Council.
Partners: Music & Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Staromestské centrum kultúry a vzdelávania (Školská 14).