Confinado, Desconfinado - Spútaný, nespútaný

Part 1 - Confinado, Desconfinado /  Confined, Unconfined - performance (8min) 

Starting time: 7 pm

Where: Stanica's Facebook and YouTube page


In Confinado, Desconfinado, Brazilian performer Ícaro Pio weaves an online monologue with elements of poetry slam to bring up a discussion about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Brazilian territory. The biological virus, the political virus, and the historical virus all come to the front as the performer pleads for air from the confinement of a white room. 

The performance is the last in the series my culture, your culture, our culture, and will be the starting point for a post discussion on the current state of affairs in Brazil and Slovakia regarding the pandemic. 

The video-performance is in Portuguese, with English subtitles, and lasts around 8 min.



Performer/Creator: Ícaro Pio

Trumpeter: Abraão Kimberley

Director of Photography: Yzabella Oliveira

Musical Producer: Caio Oiak

Artistic Collaboration: Martha Kiss Perrone

Technical Collaboration: Lux Machado and Darlene Maravilha

Production: Ícaro Pio and Madrugada Filmes

The performance will be premiered on Stanica’s YouTube account and will also be streamed to Stanica’s Facebook page.