Management of dance

Management of PlaST activities focused on professionalization of conditions for the contemporary dance performers

The aim of the project – a realisation of systematic solutions towards professionalization of conditions for the contemporary dance performers – is to be achieved on three levels:

1. communication among the dance artists and their umbrella representative – PlaST,

2. communication of PlaST towards institutions and public,

3. preparation of the basis for the Choreographic Centre study.

The first solution is creation of a communication infrastructure with a professional management. The base of this network is a virtual office with a function of coordination of the common PlaST board activities. A specific outcome of the virtual office is to be a website, which will, in its two language mutations (Slovak and English), become an international public information database of the Slovak contemporary dance. It will also cover the urgent need for an internal communication channel of the board and members of PlaST.

A vital part of this project is a preparation phase for building a Choreographic Centre in Bratislava, Slovakia, which in the long run should take a physical form for the momentarily constructed virtual infrastructure. This phase will also include a consultancy workshop (for PlaST board members and possibly few other members) led by an experienced foreign lecturer to accumulate the essential know-how on building, starting, and running such an institution.

The main partner of the project is the Slovak Arts Council.