bees-R: Zrkadlenie & Anton Lachký: Nočná ilúzia at Stanica

Double performance: Zrkadlenie & Nočná ilúzia



bees-R: Zrkadlenie

Simulation of potential scenarios
flowing in cascades under the city

Experimental kinetic solo dynamically connected to contemporary poetry and organic electronic live music. Magical visual moments vibrating in the premise of what you borrow, mirrored, also return...


Choreography and dance: Jana Tereková
Music: Joseph Champagnon
with the use of Batatunde Olatunji tracks
Text and voice: Zuzana Husárová
Scenoraphy and light design: Ján Ptačin
Costumes: Gabriela Paschová
Production: Veronika Malgot and Jana Tereková
Length: 30 min.




Anton Lachký: Nočná ilúzia

Anton Lachký is a dancer and choreographer working all over the world. His work is characterised by an unusual energy expressed in physicality. In 2016, he came to Slovakia to work with six yourng dancers on creating a piece called Nočná ilúzia (Night Illusion) – a celebration of dance, youth, energy, and sense of simplicity and wit. "The storm of movement at the killer pace to Bach, Haydn, and Vivaldi in a music collage is rushing to us as a mountain torrent," writes a reviewer Katarina Zagorski at Dennik N. Young dancers get to the limits of their physical abilities and in an unceasing dynamics they depict a surreal world of an isolated settlement of which they are the only inhabitants. They are content because life in the countryside is a balm to their souls. They stick to their rituals and do not lack anything else to make them happy.


Choreography: Anton Lachký 
Dancers: Barbora Janáková, Simona Tonková, Kei Mimakiová, Veronika Čimborová, Jakub Jeňo, Andrej Štepita 
Costumes: Dorota Volfová 
Light design: Róbert Polák 
Production: Občianske združenia Byť v pohybe / B in Motion a mimoOs (reprízy) 
Length: 27 min



Entry: €6.- / €4.- (adults / students)