Lívia Méndez Marín Balážová & Zebastián Méndez Marín: Multipartnering – Infinite Synapsies

[4-5 November 2017]

It is an exploration on the partnering work, but expanded to trios, quartets, quintets, groups and masses.
We’ll study concrete elements related to partnering work such as empathy, resistance, support, opposition, and transformation while we explore how this structures handle different
inertias and concentrate energy in specific points depending on the dynamics.
The individual axis, the common axis, the referential axis, we’ll learn about them and how they play an important role in hierarchies indispensable
tool in partnering work.
We will play to destroy the pyramidal idea of hierarchy to maximize the creation of material with multiple
dynamics, allowing the participants to experiment with more and more risk elements while in parallel developing security and resolution, very important to prevent common injuries in the
partnering work.

Designed for: dance students, professional dancers, active dance teachers
Place: Academia Universum, Mlynské Nivy 34
Price: €30.- (20.- for dance students and Laban Atelier Bratislava acredited courses attendants)

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Organiser: Laban Atelier Bratislava (o.z. Byť v pohybe/B in Motion)

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.