Subjective Future

We create our ideas, we perceive our fears and desires.
We observe our own possible future. 

Concept and direction:  Petra Fornayová
Creation and acting: Petra Fornayová, Adam Hanuljak,  Natália Okolicsányiová, Ján Šimko
Visual concept:  Boris Vitázek
Music: Lucia Chuťková
Costumes: Iveta Haasová
Dramaturgy: Peter Šulej
Technical direction and light design: Slavomír Šmálik
Voice-over: Lucia Hurajová
Texts of: Peter Šulej_Prišli Odišli_Coming_Leaving, Jean Améry_ Ueber das Altern_Revolte und Resignation, Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek_ Manifest of Accelerationism, Paul Verhaeghe _selection of different texts, personal questionnaires MMPI
Production: AST

site-specific performance
in the frame of Peter Šulej
curator´s project  STOREFRONTS

Subjective Future is a fictive document. It is a subjective interpretation of the  four artists future from four different artistic disciplines - dance, theater, visual arts, and film documentary, which are also used as equivalent art ellements in the performance. From the future, we look at the presence that may then suddenly appear different.


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The creation of the performance was supported by public funds of the Slovak Art Fund and the International Visegrad Fund  within the artistic residence of VARP in the ALTA Theatre Prague.

Thanks for the support and help of Adrianna Bobowska, Ursula Kovalyka, Homeless Theater, Alena Petrželková and Social Services Center SENIOR & JUNIOR Rescue Aid in Bratislava.