Artyci Dance Company and ME-SA: Satsang in Tabačka

A celebration of the present moment, which we often are unable to grasp and feel through in the daily life.


Satsang is an improvisation performance of dance company Divadlo Štúdia Tanca, accompanied with live music of Maok, and conceptually directed by Zuna Vesan.
“Sat” means truth, „sang“ is company/society. “Satsang” literally means to be in company of Truth. Simply put and practically speaking, satsang means to be in company of a person who reminds us of the truth, who leads us in its direction; as well as to be in company of someone who disposes of exceptionally strong energy thanks to which he/she is able to draw you to your own self, connect you with your very essence, to lead you to transformation through which you are capable of deconstructing conceptual boundaries of your ideas about yourself.

However, being in company of anything that brings Truth may be considered a satsang just as well. Company of a word, meditation or a book with spiritual content, company of singing, dance, music or any spiritual practice is also satsang. In this sense, a performance taking place on stage can under certain circumstances also be considered a powerful moment of satsang, leading to inner transformation. Improvisation rooted in the power of now mindset can represent a journey towards achieving the state of an open mind – a mind observing and opened to a variety of situations and relationships, to the wide potential of different ways in which that what we see happening in front of us and between us may develop based on our decisions rooted deep inside of us. Once we are - in such moments of improvisation - able to get rid of the conventional behavioral and thinking patterns, we overcome and shed away the false ideas about ourselves and thus get one step closer to recognizing and becoming connected to the deep, true essence of ourselves.

Anything we do that leads us to Truth is satsang.

Dance: Zuna Vesan, Milan Kozánek, Martina Hajdyla Lacová, Daniel Raček, Karolína Hejnová, Lukáš Homola
Music: Maok
Light design: Ján Čief
Photographes: Danica Púry, Dušan Petho