. DOTYK in Záhrada

A TOUCH as basic human contact.
A TOUCH as a way of communication.
A TOUCH as an element which is disappearing from current existence as naturally as the need of communication or contact.

What is a touch in the current world? Is it even possible to work with the intimacy of a touch? Does anything as an intimate touch still exist in times when the intimacy has ceased to exist? A radical physical performance brings a unique audience experience – the only of its kind in Slovakia. 


Direction and dramaturgy: Tomáš Procházka
Choreography and performance: Barbora Janáková, Eva Priečková, Simona Tonková
Movement co-operation: Peter Šavel
Music: Marián Zavarský
Light design: Ivo Dobrovodský
Production: Barbora Janáková and mimoOs


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Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.