Petra Fornayová: Derniere Evening at A4

Derniere of two pieces by Petra Fornayová: Všetko čo mám rada & Objekty výskumu

VŠETKO ČO MÁM RADA [Everything I Like]
If there are problems, I must focus on what I like. Or on bigger problems -  Alebo na väčšie problémy - substantial and real at best. Result: finding out how well I am doing.
Concept, direction, performance: Petra Fornayová
Dramaturgy, music selection: Peter Šulej
Video: Adam Hanuljak
Texts: Peter Šulej, Petra Fornayová
Visual design: Ján Ptačin
Production: AST
OBJEKTY VÝSKUMU [Objects of Research]
Concept: Petra Fornayová, Peter Šulej
Direction, choreography: Petra Fornayová
Performers: Soňa Ferienčíková, Jana Tereková
Video: Adam Hanuljak
Original music: Lucia Chuťková 
Visual design: Ján Ptačin/JaOnMi CreatureS
Production: AST
Entry (at the spot): €7.- / €5.- (students, retired, disabled)
Organiser: AST - Asociácia súčasného tanca
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Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.