Contemporary DANCE FLOW WORK with Eva Priečková

The lessons are focused on conscious body work in relation to oneself, space, music, individual or group work. The conscious body work is exploring, experimenting, play, improvisation, interactive contact, spontaneous dance with the attention on the present moment. Here and now. My body, my mind. Together.

The main aim during these shared moments is to eliminate the excessive physical and mental tension, which is often linked to fear and distrust, and thus open a way of spontaneity, playfulness, and creativity, which are an imporant part of each one of us.


In 2015 Eva finished her studies in the dance department of the Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava, with a masters degree (in master diploma thesis she explored the possibilities of a connection between movement and voice in improvisations and the impact on individual expression). Afterwards, Eva moved to Prague where she mostly focused on teaching improvisation and creative dance with group of „nondancers“. This autumn she participated in the SMASH program 2016 in Berlin, which helped her to redefine body and mind patterns. I am inspired by various movement concepts such a field dancing, body as material, body as landscape, pure physicality, simple movements, meditation, repetition, games.
Recently Eva is mostly inspired by the simplicity and momentum of everyday actions, the music of experimental composers-outsiders, fantasy worlds, unknown worlds and shifts in mind states, emotions, movements. She highly values colaborations within mimoOs (civic association), meetings with Peter Šavel, Yuri Korec, Marta Poláková, Zuzka Žabková, Anka Sedláčková,Tomáš Procházka, Maria Scaroni, Sonja Pregrad, and with people that sincerely share their art.


WHERE: Yoga House
WHEN: since 29 September each Friday
TIME: 19:00 - 20:30
REGISTRATION: no registration, just come
PRICE: €5.- / 1 entry or yoga house pass/multisport 

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